Three Points In Your Child's Life You Absolutely Have To Capture With A Professional Photographer

Seeing your child grow up and watching them learn and experience new things is one of the most rewarding parts of any parent's life. It is natural to want to capture these moments and keep them forever as a reminder, and there is no better way to do it than with a good photo. Often, because kids don't stay the same very long, parents want to get professional photos done at every possible opportunity. Is it the right time to get a photo when their first teeth come in? Or what about when they first start to talk? If you got professional photos every time there was a new milestone you would have to take out a new mortgage, but there are three special occasions when you absolutely have to get professional photos done. 

Christening Photographer

While religion has faded significantly from the public life of many Australians it is still quite common to have your child christened. Many families that are only nominally religious still go through the motions of completing traditions that have been in their family for many generations. This has meant that christenings have remained relatively popular and are often seen as not much more than an opportunity for a cute photo shoot. This is really the first public outing for a family with a new baby and the suits they are dressed up in are always a highlight. A normal smart phone photo will not truly capture the vibrant colours and unique surroundings, which is why a professional photographer is a must.

Kindy Photographer

Going to school is a major milestone in any kid's life, and thus it makes sense for it to be one of those times when you splurge on a special kindy photographer. Getting a photo of your kid in their new uniform with a glowing smile is essential for your family photo album. A kindy photographer will be able to provide good ideas for props and locations and, if you contact the school beforehand, you may even be allowed to have the photo shoot in the schoolyard before or after school. Make your child's first day at school memorable by giving them a reminder they can keep forever.

Water Photo Shoot

The photo of all your kids taking a bath together is a classic in many households, but not many people get professional photos of their children enjoying their first experience in a body of water. All the hallmarks of a cute photo shoot are there: gorgeous swimming outfit and floaties, the look of bewilderment and joy from experiencing something new and you, the parents, around your kid sharing their excitement. Having a water photo shoot is also rather a unique idea, which makes it feel more personal when looking back at it. 

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