Getting great professional photographs of your family

Hiring a family photographer is a great idea to ensure you get photos of all the family looking great. All too often one of the adults takes on the role of primary photographer and doesn't appear in many photos, or you have one child who loves being centre of attention and another who shies away. Professional photos can get you all looking in the same direction and looking good at the same time!

Here are some tips to make sure your shoot goes well.

Communicate with the photographer beforehand

If you have some very specific ideas on the types of shots you'd like, then you should send some examples of these shots to your photographer beforehand so they know what to aim for. It can also help if you can let them know if you want to exactly recreate the shot or if you admire one of more aspects, for example the lighting or the positioning of the people in the shot. You can also let them know if you want formal and artistic shots or a more relaxed feel.

Equally, if you aren't sure at all what you'd like and would love the photographer to use their experience to guide the shoot, it can help them to know this ahead of time. That way everyone can be in the right frame of mind for the shoot.

Dress in coordinating, not matching, clothes

Matching clothing can look a little dated, so instead aim for a flexible colour family that everyone can dress in such as 'blue and whites' or 'neutral tones'. That way, people can select some clothing that they look and feel comfortable in whilst the shoot is going on. It also means you have some flexibility if someone spills coffee down their shirt just before the photographer start snapping away.

Be flexible

Your shoot may not go exactly as planned, as is often the case when you involve children in any plans. Bring some spare clothes, snacks and drinks for everyone. Many times the best shots come from unexpected interactions between family members, and everyone will look at their best if they are happy and relaxed.

Getting regular professional photographs is a great way to capture your family at this moment in time. Far into the future, you'll be able to look at these pictures with your family and reminisce about all the adventures you've had over the years. Keep these tips in mind as you contact a professional photographer in your area. 

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